Law Firm Partner Program

Helping attorneys protect small business clients

Focus on what you do best

The CT Law Firm Partner Program is an ideal partnership—you remain the advisor to help protect your small and mid-sized clients while we handle a variety of transactional, notification and compliance components. We do this without adding additional cost or overhead to your firm.

The streamlined processes and automated communications allow your firm to easily stay in the loop and involved with your clients' businesses. With minimal effort and resources, your firm can generate additional revenue and strengthen client relationships by supporting the growth and lifecycles of their organizations.

Our Law Firm Partner Program is provided at NO COST

As a partner, you'll receive unlimited access to a Partner Command Center and our extensive resources at no cost. All we ask in return is that you process your clients' corporate formations and registered agent appointments through us. There are customary fees associated with each transaction but we have special discounts exclusively for our Partner Program members, which you can pass along to your clients.

Contact us today and receive:

  • Special trial discounts on all services
  • FREE site access and participation
  • No obligations or minimum orders
  • Or call 855-681-5937

The Partnership is Sincere

Delivering real, measurable value is how we became the trusted partner we are today. Along with ongoing discounts on all CT Corporation services including registered agent, corporate transactions and compliance, you can also count on receiving best-in-class customer care.

If your law firm can benefit from instant access to timely information, fewer internal processes, and complete compliance optimization so that your focus remains on the business of law, then we have the solution you need.