UCC Searches

Our experts guide you through the complex search process – from the jurisdictional nuances to the optimal search strategy for your particular project.


  • Dramatically reduced search time so you can get to the closing quicker
  • Nationwide coverage and advanced online document retrieval capabilities
  • Consultative guidance on the best search strategy for your deal  

Search Capabilities

  • Due Diligence Searches including: UCC Search, Federal & State Tax Lien Search, Judgment Lien Search and more
  • Real Property Searches including: Owner Verification Search, Owner Mortgage Search and more
  • Additional Searches: Motor Vehicle, U.S. Coast Guard Search, Patriot Act Search and more 

What's Driving the Increased Complexity for UCCs?

Multiple and changing jurisdictions requirements

Ever-changing jurisdictional requirements can mean missed or incorrect searches.

Lending and Merger Requirements are complex

Missed deadlines can result in lost time and money for you and your clients.

An increasingly complex world

The amount of time and complexity required to manage lien management and debtor due diligence compliance increases year after year.


Do all states require a tax lien search?

State law grants liens for unpaid taxes to the various states, with most requiring that a public notice be filed to document the existence of a state tax lien. Most state tax liens are required to be filed only in a local office, usually the county where the property is located. Other states retain state tax lien filings at both the Secretary of State and a local office.

What is involved in a Motor Vehicle Services Search?

This includes the origination, transferring or releasing titles and liens through title services, duplicate title requests, repo titles, lien-holder filings, duplicate registrations, and VIN searches. In some states they require registration/insurance information and driving records.

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