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ATTENTION: PLEASE READ PRIOR TO SUBMISSION - CT, WK Lien Solutions nor any other Wolters Kluwer company condones any request for “straw man filing” information. Any inquiry into the aforementioned “filing” will not be returned as this type of “filing” is illegal and fraudulent. For more information, please refer to the IRS and FBI links below:  



Comprehensive and accurate.

Even your simplest UCC searches and filings require attention to detail. Whether you need help with a single search or a more complex due diligence strategy, we’ll help ensure your search and filing results are clear, comprehensive, and accurate.

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We don’t have one-size-fits-all solutions. Based on the complexity and risk involved, our experts will help you devise the best search strategy for your deal and guide you through the process.

What's Driving the Increased Complexity for UCCs?

Multiple and changing jurisdictions requirements

Ever-changing jurisdictional requirements can mean missed or incorrect searches.

Lending and Merger Requirements are complex

Missed deadlines can result in lost time and money for you and your clients.

An increasingly complex world

The amount of time and complexity required to manage lien management and debtor due diligence compliance increases year after year.