UCC Filings

Manage your UCC filing process online or let us handle all your UCC filings for you. Either way, you’ll benefit from speed and cost savings every time you file.

UCC Filing client at CT Corporation

Benefits of our Approach to UCC Filing

  • Manage your UCC filings online or outsource the entire filing process to CT.
  • Built-in checks and features improve accuracy and compliance rates and increase filing efficiency.
  • Ability to file electronically in most states, for quicker notice.

Reduce Risk, Perfected UCC Filing

Legal professionals prefer CT for efficient and accurate filings, however you choose to work. Whether you e-File for immediate notice acknowledgement or use our nationwide service teams, CT helps you reduce risk and gain a perfected filing.

What's Driving the Increased Complexity for UCCs?

Multiple and changing jurisdictions requirements

Ever-changing jurisdictional requirements can mean missed or incorrect searches.

Lending and Merger Requirements are complex

Missed deadlines can result in lost time and money for you and your clients.

An increasingly complex world

The amount of time and complexity required to manage lien management and debtor due diligence compliance increases year after year.


What is featured in your full-service UCC Filings support?

CT’s specialized filing experts on our customer service teams have used their decades of shared experience to develop a proven and comprehensive process for every filing – giving you the attention to detail and accuracy your clients require.

What is a UCC Search to Reflect?

A Search to Reflect provides early assurance that the UCC filing will be found in the public record under the exact, true and correct debtor name. A UCC that cannot be uncovered in a search that complies with Article 9 standards puts the filing at high risk of being considered ineffective and will compromise the position of the secured party.

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