What You Need to Start Your Business

Filing State Formation Documents Starts the Process

Establishing your business as a legal entity reflects your commitment to succeed. It says:  “My business matters to me.” Operating as a corporation or LLC does more than protect your personal assets—it tells customers, vendors and lenders that you are serious about service and success. The first step in the formation process is filing the necessary documents with the state. CT stands ready to partner with you to ensure these critically important documents are filed correctly and efficiently, exactly as you specify.

Appointing Your Registered Agent is an Important Step

Legal formation is a one-time event that creates on-going responsibilities.  Although the initial appointment is made on the formation documents, the RA plays an essential role throughout the life of your business. The RA ensures that each state document is handled correctly and delivered to you promptly. The RA also serves as your eyes and ears in the state, notifying you of filing deadlines and compliance responsibilities. Choosing wisely protects your business. CT, with over 100 years of RA experience, can provide the professional service and expert guidance that you deserve.