Business Name Registration

A strong name is one of your most important assets. It makes a lasting impression and keeps you top of mind in the public eye. Register your name to ensure it’s available once you’re ready to incorporate or expand.

Business Name Registration $260 *

Plus State Fees

A Good Name Is Too Important to Lose

Finding out your name is taken can be a crushing disappointment for businesses. A standard check isn’t enough—without proper paperwork, anyone can take the name you want. Reserving through CT protects your name while you plan your incorporation, LLC, or expansion. First, we’ll ensure it meets state requirements, then we’ll help you hold onto it for as long as you need.

CT Helps Keep Your Name Safe By:

  • Conducting an official name check for availability in the state you’re looking into
  • Verifying the name against state requirements and alerting you if something’s unacceptable
  • Submitting all required paperwork so you can stay focused on your plans
  • Keeping you on top of the expiration date and working toward an extension, if necessary


Name Reservation FAQs

Can any name be reserved?

No. The name must meet all eligibility requirements. Every state prohibits the use of certain words (which vary greatly) as well as the use of names that are “deceptively similar” to an existing name. Additionally, most states require a name to identify the business type (e.g., “LLC” or “Inc.”).

How is name reservation different from a name availability check?

A name availability check does not reserve the name for you; it’s merely a snapshot to see if your desired name is eligible and available. Name reservation goes one step further to hold the name for a brief period of time, preventing other businesses from claiming it for themselves.

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