Employer ID Number (EIN)

To do business as an LLC or a corporation, you need a federal Employer ID Number (EIN) from the IRS—the business equivalent of an individual's Social Security number.

Tax ID Number (EIN) is Crucial for Taxes, Banking, and Payment

Without an EIN, your business simply can't get off the ground. It’s necessary to file federal tax returns and to receive a tax ID number from most states. Aside from taxes, you need an EIN to open a business banking account or credit card. And when it comes to invoicing, many companies won’t pay you without an EIN on file.

How can CT help me to obtain a Tax ID Number (EIN)?

CT knows exactly what’s required on the IRS form. Not only we ensure the accuracy of your application, we also work with the IRS to process your application quickly.

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Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN) FAQs

I changed from a corporation to an LLC. Do I need a new EIN?

Generally, yes. You typically need a new EIN when you change your business structure. CT’s incorporation experts can help you determine if this rule applies in your case.

I bought an existing business. Do I need a new EIN?

Yes. A new EIN is essential to identifying your business for tax purposes. Using the previous owner’s EIN can lead to major problems—particularly if there were any previous tax problems, such as unpaid payroll taxes or improperly claimed credits.