Special Purpose Entity / Vehicle Formation

We're here to help you organize your structured finance deal, including formation of a special purpose entity. In the U.S. or across the globe, we'll make sure everything is accurate and on time.

Benefits / How We Help

  • Accurate, cost-effective filings throughout the life of your deal
  • Ability to legally operate under all assumed and trade names
  • Worry-free process – no missed filing deadlines
  • Reassurance that your business is in good standing

We'll help you with all your special purpose entity / vehicle formation needs

  • Providing you with a contact  that is with you every step of the way
  • Deploying a dedicated team – your deal is their first priority
  • Establishing a solid foundation for your transaction
  • Incorporating your special purpose entity or vehicle
  • Proactively managing all your filing obligations and notifications to state authorities


What is a special purpose entity?

A special purpose entity or SPE, sometimes called a 'special purpose vehicle' or SPV, is a legal entity created to fill a very specific or temporary business objective. They can be LPs, LLCs, subsidiaries, or trusts. Their operations are limited to the acquisition and financing of specific assets.

Why is it important to create a special purpose entity in order to complete a deal?

Special purpose entities can help to protect your firm from financial risk. You can transfer assets to a special purpose entity for a deal or use the entity to finance a large project. Conversely, the obligations of a special purpose entity are secure even if the parent company declares bankruptcy.

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