Special Purpose Entity / Vehicle Formation

We're here to help you organize your structured finance deal, including formation of a special purpose entity. In the U.S. or across the globe, we'll make sure everything is accurate and on time.

Benefits / How We Help

  • Accurate, cost-effective filings throughout the life of your deal
  • Ability to legally operate under all assumed and trade names
  • Worry-free process – no missed filing deadlines
  • Reassurance that your business is in good standing

We'll help you with all your special purpose entity / vehicle formation needs

  • Providing you with a contact  that is with you every step of the way
  • Deploying a dedicated team – your deal is their first priority
  • Establishing a solid foundation for your transaction
  • Incorporating your special purpose entity or vehicle
  • Proactively managing all your filing obligations and notifications to state authorities


Why is it important to create a special purpose entity in order to complete a deal?

Special purpose entities can help to protect your firm from financial risk. You can transfer assets to a special purpose entity for a deal or use the entity to finance a large project. Conversely, the obligations of a special purpose entity are secure even if the parent company declares bankruptcy.

What is a special purpose entity?

A special purpose entity or SPE, sometimes called a 'special purpose vehicle' or SPV, is a legal entity created to fill a very specific or temporary business objective. They can be LPs, LLCs, subsidiaries, or trusts. Their operations are limited to the acquisition and financing of specific assets.

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