Service of Process services that keep you protected.

Count on our Service of Process (SOP) solutions to give you reliable procedures to deal with notice of litigation and service of process.


Stay protected

Default judgments are costly, time-consuming, and most importantly, avoidable. You can count on our solutions to give you reliable procedures to deal with notice of litigation and service of process.

Flexible Solutions

We build our solutions around your needs. From high volume notice situations to contract and agreement representation, we handle it all!


Our centralized SOP Hub lets you manage your service of process documents easily and quickly—increasing accountability and minimizing risk.

SOP Hub - Watch Software Demo

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SOP Enterprise Connector

Eliminate default judgments and reduce costs by securely integrating our SOP platform with your enterprise systems, including matter management solutions and wage garnishment interfaces.

SOP Enterprise Connector

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Leveraging Technology to Manage Your SOP Volume 

Customers are always looking for ways to more effectively and efficiently manage their Service of Process volume. In this short video, Dan McMahon, Director of Major Accounts, outlines what companies should consider when deciding to implement an automated SOP solution, as well as the benefits of leveraging these services in your SOP workflow.​


Search, retrieve and download PDF versions of all your documents in real time—24/7. Our secure, online workspace gives your quick, electronic document transmittal and receipt—eliminating the risk of misplaced or lost paper.


Our online workspace—featuring SOP dashboard—lets you boost your efficiency and facilitate legal response collaboration. Interactive and customizable graphs, charts and maps let you view important alerts, check notification histories, and quickly navigate to pertinent details.

Representation Services

We offer a range of customizable Service of Process solutions to meet your exact requirements—from Statutory Representation to Contract Agency.

Service of Process Workspace

Whether you need to route SOPs automatically or review them manually first, our Service of Process Workflow Management solutions helps you minimize risks and improve efficiencies.

International Process Agency

A single-source registered agent that can handle all your notifications for every jurisdiction.

Request a Custom Quote

Have a specific question about a product? A CT Specialist will follow up with a custom quote along with a comprehensive assessment of your needs.