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On-demand Webinar: Understanding the Key Role of Independent Directors

In less than 30 minutes, learn why Independent Directors play such a critical role in structured finance, credit, real estate, and securitized transactions. This mini on-demand webinar explains how special purpose entities benefit from an Independent Director sitting on the board – helping to manage loans and keeping deals moving forward.

Learn about:

  • Defining an Independent Director/Manager
  • Duties and responsibilities
  • What is a Springing Member and their duties
  • Procedures for handling a possible Bankruptcy proceeding
  • How to identify a competent Independent Director
  • How CT can help

Meet our expert:
Victor A. Duva, Director/President of CT Staffing
Victor A. Duva has been with CT Corporation for over 36 years and has resided as President of CT's Corporate Staffing Division since 2003. For over three decades, Victor has guided this division, located in Wilmington, DE, to deliver convenient and reliable service. He is focused on maintaining consistently exceptional quality for CT customers. Victor is a graduate of St. Thomas of Villanova University in Miami, Florida.

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