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On-demand Webinar: Navigating the Complex Maze of Business Licensing

Navigating business license compliance can be complex in today’s highly regulated environment. Any missteps can result in noncompliance consequences such as fines, criminal sanctions, or an operational shutdown. Tune into this mini on-demand webinar to more easily traverse through the business licensing maze – learning best practices and tips to remain compliant and keep your business reputation intact.

Attendees will learn best practices for:

  • Obtaining the correct business licenses, permits and registrations
  • Managing license filing renewals and other regulatory requirements
  • Identifying triggers or events that may require special attention relating to licensing compliance

Attendees will also benefit from a brief review of relevant market trends and industry news at the conclusion of this mini-webinar.

Meet our experts:

John Randazzo, Business Consultant
As a Business Consultant with CT Corporation, John Randazzo specializing in licensing compliance. He works with organizations to provide an analysis of their existing practices and makes recommendations for improvements.

John has been consulting corporations and law firms on corporate legal transactions and business entity compliance since joining CT Corporation in 1994. He is an active member of the Society for Corporate Governance, holds a Paralegal degree in Legal Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science.

Prior to joining CT Corporation, John worked as a compliance paralegal at several law firms including Kirkland & Ellis in Chicago, Illinois. Through his nearly 25 years of corporate legal experience, John has amassed a wealth of knowledge and enjoys consulting companies on how they can improve and streamline their compliance programs.

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