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CT Expert Insights: Leveraging Technology to Manage Your SOP Volume

Customers are always looking for ways to more effectively and efficiently manage their Service of Process volume. By automating as much of the SOP workflow as possible, your team is able to reduce the risk of a default judgment while saving time and money. In this short video, Dan McMahon, Director of Major Accounts, outlines what companies should consider when deciding to implement an automated SOP solution, as well as the benefits of leveraging these services in your SOP workflow.



3 Driving Factors to Implement an Automated SOP Solution

The role of the registered agent managing service of process is really to serve as the traffic cop, making sure that a lawsuit is sent timely and accurately to the correct party. There are three primary factors that drive the decision of a company to implement an automated solution for their SOP documents.

  • The first is volume for a particular type of lawsuit (such as garnishments) where they’re experiencing heavy volume year in year out.
  • Second, they’re looking for whether they use an outside third party for the processing or response to those documents. Using the example of garnishments, do they send it to an outside payroll provider?
  • Third, an important consideration is whether the company has experienced negative consequences due to the mishandling of a particular type of lawsuit. There are two primary repercussions if a lawsuit is not handled timely or accurately. The worst potential repercussion is that there is a default judgement. But what happens more frequently is if the lawsuit is not handled properly, the company may not have adequate time in order to respond in a proper manner in an individual case.

Customers are looking for ways to leverage technology to more efficiently and effectively manage their service-of-process volume. One of the things that almost all customer do today is they manage that whole process electronically. So they go to their registered agent’s website to manage and disseminate all of their lawsuits. Another thing companies are doing is having certain lawsuits (such as garnishments) sent directly to their outside third party for processing.

Benefits of Automating the SOP Process

The benefits of automating the SOP workflow are many. First, is the elimination of risk of mishandling. Second there is [increased efficiency] so that the document gets into the hands of the party responsible for answering more quickly. And finally there is a cost savings because it eliminates the double-handling of the document because it is going directly to the outside third-party responsible for answering.

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