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Latin America Appeals to U.S. Dealmakers

If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you’re looking at Latin America as a next possible venture. In this SourceMedia video sponsored by CT Corporation, Acrux Partners’ Miguel Ferreya de Bone explains the appeal this region has to American investors, the impact they hope to have here, and the role government plays in attracting investors. 



What is U.S. investor interest like in Latin America?

Despite all the political and economical situations in Latin America, American investors are very interested in the region. The major trends American investors are following are in the consumer space due to a rising middle class. We also see some interest in the health and education sectors.

One of the major trends we have seen is the ESG space. Americans are actually looking for social and environmental impact in the region, particularly in the Andean region. We have seen a lot of activity in that space. Columbia, Peru and Chile are really big destinations for impact investors.

What role does government play in Latin American countries?

Government plays a huge role either in attracting investors or making them run away. We have seen Latin America in the past 10 years going through many populist governments, or with some sort of protectionist traits, and moving towards being more pro-business in trying to open the borders and their economies.

We see how American investors are very interested nowadays in Latin America as the trends of protectionism are fading away. We also see in certain countries how the government has realized that they play a key role in providing the resources for entrepreneurs and businesses, and that they need to support them through incubation or facilitating credit, or even designing policies to help source these types of deals to the private equity and M&A space.

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