On-demand webinar: Mergers: A Primer

Once a decision to merge is made, legal teams must jump into action setting a merger integration plan in motion to address key steps for this process -- from due diligence to the final filings. Although it’s an exciting time, any missteps can cause serious delays or penalties. 

Take the stress out of your merger with this on-demand webinar. Attendees will hear practical insights and tips, ensuring a diligent, informed, and smooth process along the way. 

Topics covered include general mergers, parent-subsidiary, triangular, multi-entry mergers, and multi-state transactions. We will also cover pre and post-merger issues along with the various requirements needed for planning purposes.

For a more in-depth review of mergers, download CT’s webinar reference book for answers to your most pressing questions. 


  •          Attorneys and paralegals in law firms
  •          In-house counsel and paralegals 

Meet our expert:

Lori Ann Fox, Esq., has been a Government Relations and Regional Attorney with CT for twelve years.

She sits on drafting committees and works closely with state bar associations, government offices and legislatures to implement changes in business entity and related laws. She regularly lectures on topics related to business entity operations and filings, including Delaware entity laws, Mergers, Business Entity Formation and Maintenance, Compliance and Governance, Limited Liability Companies, specialty/alternative entity types and ethical considerations surrounding entity and compliance issues.

Prior to joining CT, Ms. Fox maintained a private practice focusing on corporate law, which was preceded by her serving as General Counsel for an insurance company. Ms. Fox received her law degree from Emory University School of Law, and is a member of the State Bars of Texas, Oklahoma, and Georgia.


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