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Certain Sectors in Latin America Garner More Attention from Dealmakers

Looking to invest in Latin America? Alberto Gomez-Obregon from Graycliff Partners explains in this SourceMedia video, sponsored by CT Corporation, where the big investment opportunities are and which industries are more favorable to target. 



Where do you see investment opportunity in Latin America?

When people think about Latin America, they normally think about one single region. But the reality is it’s a huge region made up of many different countries with different legal systems and different opportunities.

So when we talk about Latin America, we typically focus more on countries. I would say the most interesting countries are obviously very linked to the risk appetite of certain investors. For example, Brazil for a lot of people is a very attractive country to invest in at the moment, although it has a certain amount of risk associated with it. Mexico and Columbia are other countries that have very stable legal systems, very good business environments with attractive growth prospects. So they are also very interesting countries for entering the region. They are a little more developed and have a little more U.S.-type, best-practice approach to business.

Other countries with higher growth prospects, but may be a little bit more underdeveloped, are Peru, for example, and now upcoming Argentina is looking to have interesting investing prospects also.

Are any industries more favorable in Latin America?

The region in general has a larger middle class, and a larger portion of the population is below the poverty line. So a lot of the interesting investment opportunities tend to focus on attracting these people. There is a lot around education and health care for the middle or lower class, which has been a very interesting source of business in the last year.

Consumer products across the board, but mainly non-discretionary consumer products for the middle class, have also attracted a lot of good investment opportunities—oil and gas, energy and infrastructure, since the country is still developing. These three industries also present very good return profiles.

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