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S Corporation

S Corporations, or s corps, combine pass-through taxation with the ability to structure compensation, which allows the business owner to enjoy credibility and protections without being subject to the same tax rules as mega-corporations. See the latest industry news and updates related to S Corporations.


S Corporations Offer Advantages - And Disadvantages

Asset protection, pass-through taxation and ability to pay salaries to the owners are among the S corporation advantages. But, there are disadvantages, as well. These include strict qualification requirements and corporate formalities. S corporation is a term that comes up whenever a business owner seeks advice regarding how to structure the business. Many people have strong views on which is better—an S corporation or an LLC. The fact is that there is not a single perfect choice. The best choice depends on the type of business, the plans for the business and the short- and long-term goals of the owners. This article will help you understand the advantages and disadvantages of an S corporation, which is an important first step in determining if the S corp is the right option for your company. While there are many similarities across all the states, each state is slightly different. It is important to consult with a business professional that knows the ins and outs of each state’s laws.

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Tuesday, March 6
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S Corporations

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