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There are myriad responsibilities that must be addressed after you’ve submitted your merger filings.  Our Resource Center has the information you need to make sure nothing falls through the cracks post-merger.


Cracking the Code to Successful Post-Merger Integration

A vibrant M&A market is certainly a positive development for potential acquirers. Yet identifying the right deal is only part of the battle—the most challenging work begins once integration starts. Without a carefully planned and executed strategy, the odds of completing a successful merger plummet.

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CT Expert Insights: Essential Tips for Post-Merger Risk Management

In this video, CT Corporation Senior Client Relationship Manager Mike Malkowski identifies the 3 key objectives to meet during post-merger work and offers other important tips.

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The Secrets to a Successful Post-merger Integration

After the deal is complete, the post-merger work is only just beginning. And while merging two companies that seem like a perfect match on paper sounds like a s

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CLE Webinar: Mergers – A Primer

Tuesday, January 7
Internet-based Webinar
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Best Practices for Selecting a Post-Merger Integration Team

How do you ensure nothing slips through the cracks when going through a merger? It’s all about having the right team in place to manage the post-merger transition.

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