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Benefit Corporations Change the Definition of Value to Shareholders

On Giving Tuesday this year, Twitter co-founder and current CEO of Jelly Biz Stone advocated for the benefit corporation. That’s because B-Corp status gives companies the accountability and legal protection to build their corporate social responsibility (CSR) or philanthropy right into their main revenue models.

Listen to Biz Stone’s full interview (4:37 min) on American Public Media’s Marketplace Morning Report.

In a new economy where consumers and employees alike want to expand corporate definitions of value to include pro-social goals, Stone observes that forming as a benefit corporation gives companies the structure to deliver this. He also notes that it can give companies distinct advantages in marketing and talent acquisition. Stone intends to form his new venture, Jelly, as a benefit corporation.

There are many ways companies of any size can integrate benefit corporations into their business models. CT aims to be a leader in this. We are a service partner of B Lab, the non-profit primarily responsible for driving the creation and adoption of benefit corporations as a statutory entity nationwide. As the first registered agent to formally offer services designed for benefit corporations, we can help you in a variety of ways.

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