3 Ways to Improve Efficiencies and Reduce Risk in the New Year

The dawning of a new year often brings with it an “internal check-up” – reviewing progress to-date and planning improvements for next year.
If you’re looking to streamline workflows, many customers have saved time and improved workflows by simply consolidating their registered agent network with us. Below are three ways to benefit from consolidation:
1. Our simplified billing options save you time. By reducing the number of purchase orders, checks cut, or reimbursements, you could focus more on other, higher-priority projects. Why spend time on extra purchase orders when you don’t have to?
2. A single point of contact and centralized monitoring tools help improve workflow. With CT Corporation, certain monitoring tools are complimentary with your registered agent service. Viewing your compliance situation in one place – whether from a high level or drill-down vantage point – helps ensure nothing is inadvertently missed. It also helps ensure you are getting the right information every time. And, your CT Service team is always just a phone call away.
3. Comprehensive SOP service helps reduce risk and keep you in control. Having a single dedicated tool to manage all service of process (SOP) matters saves valuable time and reduces risk. You won’t have to worry about the extra risks of litigation or garnishment matters being missed and going unanswered. 
In sum, consolidating your registered agent network with us helps improve efficiencies and reduce risk.  Your CT Account Manager can help show you how to get all your registered agent appointments under one roof and review best practices for managing compliance workflows through our dedicated tools. Please call us today to discuss how we could help make your work easier.

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