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Should Law Firms Act as Registered Agents for Their Clients?

Learn whether law firms should act as a registered agent for their clients and the issues to consider, including risks and potential liabilities, non-compliance, ever-changing law enforcement regulations, the potential for ethical breaches, & more.

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Global Deal Workflow: Managing Document Translation, Retrieval, and Verification

Timing is critical when you’re supporting your client’s global deals. When it comes to retrieving documents outside the U.S., the differences in these 5 key workflow areas can have a major impact on your timeline. Be forewarned - some differences may seem obvious, but under the pressure of the deal, they can be overlooked.

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On-Demand Webinar: Closing the Deal - Multiple Perspectives on Due Diligence

Explore this on-demand webinar, with CT’s expert staff, who will review due diligence from the audit & deal perspectives, including similarities, differences, issues & possible solutions.

Participants will learn about:

  • Entity structure
  • Contracts
  • Entity records
  • Timing and potential impacts

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Expert Insights: 2018 Entity Compliance Review for Law Firms, Part 2

Listen to this Expert Insights podcast with Marcia Suelzer, Senior Manager in Strategy and Innovation for Law Firms at CT, on triggers for additional compliance requirements for a business, including new product lines, a second location, changes in state laws & more.

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