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Incorporation Services

Incorporating a business generally refers to the process of incorporating as an s corporation or c corporation, or forming an LLC. Incorporation allows the business owner or owners create a separate legal entity to transact business. See the latest industry news and trends on business incorporation.


Business Startup Checklist

After you evaluate your business idea, determine startup costs and research the market, you’ll be ready to take on the next steps to starting your business. T

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CT Provides the Craft Behind the Craft

Expertise, experience and pride set a company apart--transforming a business into a craft. CT's experts partner with small businesses to make sure that their business compliance is done right, every time.

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CT Survey Finds College Grads Eager to Start Businesses, Unsure of How to Do So

Although one-half of recent college grads would like to start a business and even more see business ownership as an avenue to long-term economic security, they do not feel confident in their ability to execute the tasks needed for a start-up, such as incorporation or writing a market plan, according to a study commissioned by CT

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Benefits of Forming a Corporation

Corporations can protect the owner from liability, provide tax advantages and position the company for growth.

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Best State to Incorporate

Although you can incorporate your business in any state, many business owners incorporate in the state where the business is located. However, many others opt to incorporate in Delaware due to its business friendly laws and its modern filing office. Learn more.

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