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Incorporating Your Business

When you are ready to incorporate your business, it is important to know which structure is the best fit for your business. Your choice to incorporate as an s corporation, c corporation, llp, lp, or other legal structure will have an impact on how your business pays taxes, as well as the personal liability you face. Our resource center provides the latest news and information regarding the various business incorporation entity types.


5 Reasons to Incorporate in Delaware

There are a number of factors that motivate business entities to incorporate in Delaware. But we managed to narrow it down to five reasons your company should t

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The Purpose Is Profit

Ed McLaughlin, author of The Purpose is Profit, explains why simply following your entrepreneurial passion is not enough to guarantee success. McLaughlin shares his own business successes and failures and outlines his "commandments" that can guide small business owners to profitability.

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LLCs Limited Liability Companies

In the “alphabet soup” of entity choices, the limited liability company (LLC) is a frequent favorite. Whether you’ve been in business a while or you’re just starting out, it’s good to get a grip on some essentials of the LLC business type. An LLC is a separate entity that can have its own rights and responsibilities, similar to an individual or corporation. For example, LLCs can buy property, lend money, invest money, make contracts, sue and be sued. States typically require annual report filings for LLCs, similar to corporate annual reports. Learn about operating agreements, LLC members and managers, taxation and more.

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Selling Online? You Still Need Proper Permits

Selling online - even through a marketplace like Facebook - requires certain business permits. Learn more.

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Wicked Strategies: Combating Business Threats

Wicked Strategies author John Camillus explains how the traditional methods of problem solving aren't good enough for the existential threats facing businesses today. He also provides advice on how to arrive at a solution in the midst of a crisis and offers examples of how companies not only survived major challenges, but found ways to use them to their advantage.

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