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Incorporating Your Business

When you are ready to incorporate your business, it is important to know which structure is the best fit for your business. Your choice to incorporate as an s corporation, c corporation, llp, lp, or other legal structure will have an impact on how your business pays taxes, as well as the personal liability you face. Our resource center provides the latest news and information regarding the various business incorporation entity types.


On-demand webinar: The Corporation vs. The LLC

This on-demand webinar clarifies the main benefits and potential pitfalls between the corporation and the LLC. You will come away with a definitive understanding of each entity and have the knowledge to confidently make a formation decision.

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The LLC Handbook

Explore this guide to LLCs (Limited Liability Companies), including members, managers, and changes in company structure, plus a glossary of common LLC terms.

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LLC vs. S Corporations: Advantages and Disadvantages

Trying to decide between forming an LLC or S Corp (S Corporation)? Both offer benefits of limited liability and pass-through taxation, but there are many differences. Read about the advantages and disadvantages each offers over the other

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When Is the Best Time to Switch from an S Corp to a C Corp?

It's unconventional, but sometimes beneficial to change from an S corporation to a C corporation. Discover what these circumstances are and how to go about the process of revoking an S corp election.

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State Legislative Updates

Indiana Amends its Business Entity Reinstatement Law

Learn about how the state of Indiana adopted the Uniform Business Organizations Act (UBOA)-(Senate Enrolled Act 443, as amended by Senate Enrolled Act 180) & how it represents a significant change to many of the provisions governing Indiana’s domestic & foreign corporations, LLCs, & other business entities.

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