Entity Compliance Survival Guide

Running a business requires a knack for juggling multiple priorities and commitments. Staying on top of your compliance obligations and deadlines may not be at the top of your company's “to do” list—but maintaining your company’s good standing status should be. Keeping up your company’s good standing helps protect you and your business from compliance setbacks and administrative dissolution. With our Entity Compliance Survival Guide, you’ll get to know the compliance corners of the starting, closing or growing a business – and how to help keep your own business in good shape along its journey.

This Guidebook by CT Corporation's business experts walks you through a practical summary of business entity compliance – for the everyday professional. It explains recordkeeping, document handling, foreign qualification and expanding into another state, contractions, mergers, conversions, withdrawals, annual reporting, tax reporting, and business license, permit, and registration requirements. 

Table of Contents

  • Welcome to Entity Compliance
  • Effectively Maintaining Records and Tracking Service of Process for Your Entity 
  • Business Expansion and Ongoing Entity Compliance Requirements
  • Business Contraction and Ongoing Entity Compliance Requirements
  • Complying with Information Reports and Other Annual Filings

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