Entity Compliance by Business Life Cycle: An Infographic

When it comes to good business compliance, forming an LLC, corporation, or other business entity is only a step in the process. Over the course of the business life cycle, various events trigger important compliance obligations.

This handy one-page Infographic by CT Corporation's business experts provides a snapshot summary of common compliance events when a business starts, runs, grows, and even closes. For your convenience, popular events during business stages are paired with various filings, questions, and procedures. We’ve provided this valuable resource to help you keep your business in good standing as it changes, evolves, and grows over time.

Topics Included

  • Forming a New Business Entity
  • Complying With Ongoing Responsibilities
  • Changing a Registered Agent
  • Providing Corporate Existence
  • Changing Entity Structure
  • Expanding Business to Another State
  • Merging/Acquiring a Business
  • Terminating a Business Entity

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