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Delaware Business Entity Laws Chart

With its well-known, business-friendly reputation, Delaware has over 1 million active business entities. Every year, Delaware amends its business entity laws reflect the state’s response to the evolving changes and needs of companies that form their businesses in Delaware. 

Business owners, investors, managers and advisors need to stay apprised of the changes Delaware makes every year to its business entity laws – often, they inspire changes in other states and point to emerging trends in business. Delaware’s 2013 amendments to its business entity laws include, among others:

  • Delaware public benefit corporations
  • Ratification of defective acts
  • Charging orders
  • Single-member LLCs

This Compliance Checklist by CT’s business experts provides a practical synopsis of the 2013 Delaware Amendments, and effective dates, organized by entity type: corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and public benefit corporations (Delaware PBCs). With this breakdown, you’ll have a convenient reference for Delaware’s recent changes affecting business.

Topics Included

  • Corporations (Domestic and Foreign)
  • Limited Liability Companies (LLCs)
  • Partnerships
  • Public Benefit Corporations (PBCs)

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