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Growing Your Business

When the time has come for you to grow your business, there are a variety of options, including whether to register in a new state or form a new company there, to franchise, open a new location, target new markets, or expand globally. Browse our latest news and resources to help stay on the right track when growing your business.



Five Steps When Doing Business in a New State (Foreign Qualification)

Learn about the steps that are required when doing business in a new state, which is called Foreign Qualification, including a name search and reservation, choosing a registered agent, & more.

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On-Demand Webinar: Executing the Deal – Compliance Requirements

When it comes to completing a deal, knowing what to expect and when to execute so you can close the deal and move forward with ease. Learn more.

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The Benefits of Complete Entity Information Management

Explore our infographic about the benefits of complete entity information management, including compliance, maintaining good standing status, supporting transactions, and more.

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Is General Counsel Ready for AI Adoption?

The true value of AI is unlocked when the expertise of legal professionals is supported by the efficiency of targeted AI applications. Lawyers who fail to leverage the power of AI, however, may have to worry about being replaced by attorneys who can harness the benefits of these new capabilities.

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