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Doing business on a global scale means staying on top of foreign jurisdiction changes, keeping a keen eye on compliance, and more. Our Recourse Center has the information you need to keep things running smoothly, no matter where you are in the world.


A Guide to the Top 20 Offshore Fund Locations

Learn about the benefits to moving a business offshore, from tax incentives to wider access to non-traditional investments, in our guide to lucrative locations, including Cayman Islands, Singapore, Switzerland, & many more.

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Global Deal Workflow: Managing Document Translation, Retrieval, and Verification

Timing is critical when you’re supporting your client’s global deals. When it comes to retrieving documents outside the U.S., the differences in these 5 key workflow areas can have a major impact on your timeline. Be forewarned - some differences may seem obvious, but under the pressure of the deal, they can be overlooked.

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On-demand Webinar: Global Transactional Services

Learn about CT's Global Transactional Services, with this on-demand webinar, including the basics of expanding your business internationally, requirements to ensure compliance, ordering documents, lien searching outside of the United States, & more.

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Webinar: The Corporation vs. The LLC

Tuesday, March 5
Internet-based Webinar
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International Business Etiquette: Here’s What You Need to Know

In this podcast, learn the business etiquette you need to know when doing business internationally, with host Greg Corombos & Dean Foster of DFA Intercultural Global Solutions.

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