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When it comes to forming a business, there are a variety of questions a business owner must consider, such as what business structure is right for the business and in which state the business should be formed. Our Resource Center offers updates on industry trends and news on business formation.


CT Expert Insights: Why Delaware is an Attractive State to Form a Business

CT expert Alan Stachura explains why businesses should consider incorporating in Delaware, even if they don’t have a physical location there. Learn more.

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Nevada Changes Due Date for Filing Initial List for Domestic and Foreign Business Entities

A recent change in Nevada law affects formations and registrations of businesses. Make sure your LLC, corporation, or other business entity is in compliance.

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How to Start an Online Business

Melinda Emerson, “The Small Biz Lady”, gives an overview of online business best practices. Key takeaways include why you should incorporate and how to stan

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State Legislative Updates

Virginia Senate Bill 1158

Virginia Senate Bill 1158 requires that reciprocal insurance companies must be licensed and have a certificate of authority

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Choice of Entity for Startups Seeking Venture Capital

One of the most important decisions a person starting a new business will make is choosing the form of business entity. Find out how to choose the right one.

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