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When it comes to forming a business, there are a variety of questions a business owner must consider, such as what business structure is right for the business and in which state the business should be formed. Our Resource Center offers updates on industry trends and news on business formation.


The Corporation Handbook

Get an overview of corporation-related topics, such as corporate structure & how corporations raise capital, plus explanations of terms used in corporations.

In this handbook, you’ll find an overview of corporation-related topics, plus explanations of terms and concepts commonly used in the corporate area. It covers the major types of corporations and examines, among other topics, the overall corporate structure, how corporations maintain good standing with state offices, how corporations are taxed, and how they raise capital. You’ll also find a glossary of corporate terms for handy reference. Armed with this information, you’ll be better prepared to make decisions regarding your growing business.

Table of Contents

  • Forms of Business Organizations
  • Nature and Characteristics of a Corporation
  • Formation of Corporations
  • Corporate Finance
  • Shareholders
  • Directors and Officers
  • Changes in Corporate Structure
  • Tax and Reporting Requirements
  • Foreign Corporations
  • Going Public; Federal Securities Laws


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LLC vs S Corp vs C Corp: Choosing the Best Entity Structure for Your Business

Learn about the criteria for choosing the right business type, like LLC, S Corporation, C, Corporation, including limited liability, risk, taxes, selecting a state, & more.

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Corporation and LLC Compliance: Myth or Reality?

Learn the difference between myths and reality for corporation and LLC compliance, including apostilles, annual reports, incorporating your business, UCC laws, & more.

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Business EIN: Your Federal Tax ID Number

Learn about the employer identification number (EIN) that nearly every business needs. Determine if you need to get an EIN, how to apply, search for one & more.

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When Is the Best Time to Switch from an S Corp to a C Corp?

It's unconventional, but sometimes beneficial to change from an S corporation to a C corporation. Discover what these circumstances are and how to go about the process of revoking an S corp election.

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