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Expanding Your Business Globally

When you’re ready to expand your business internationally, there are many important considerations to ensure you stay in compliance with the various rules and regulations in the countries in which you wish to do business. Our Resource Center offers the latest updates on global expansion.



A Guide to the Top 20 Offshore Fund Locations

Learn about the benefits to moving a business offshore, from tax incentives to wider access to non-traditional investments, in our guide to lucrative locations, including Cayman Islands, Singapore, Switzerland, & many more.

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Global Deal Workflow: Managing Document Translation, Retrieval, and Verification

Timing is critical when you’re supporting your client’s global deals. When it comes to retrieving documents outside the U.S., the differences in these 5 key workflow areas can have a major impact on your timeline. Be forewarned - some differences may seem obvious, but under the pressure of the deal, they can be overlooked.

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On-demand Webinar: Global Transactional Services

Learn about CT's Global Transactional Services, with this on-demand webinar, including the basics of expanding your business internationally, requirements to ensure compliance, ordering documents, lien searching outside of the United States, & more.

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Webinar: The Corporation vs. The LLC

Tuesday, March 5
Internet-based Webinar
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On-demand Webinar: Don't Mess with Texas Names

Learn about the new Texas Name Availability Standard legislation, with this on-demand webinar, including laws that govern name selection and protection, acquiring rights to a name, trademark law and enforcement, and much more.

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