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Webinar: Business Compliance & Governance Essentials

Tuesday, January 10 - Tuesday, January 10, 2017
Internet-based Webinar

Business Entity Compliance & Governance Essentials

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

1-2 PM Eastern Time

Good governance doesn't stop at the corporate secretary's office. Many people play key roles in protecting a company from compliance failures.

CT's expert staff attorneys share their in-depth expertise in this exclusive two-part webinar. Learn how to marshal both sides — compliance and governance — to help you minimize risks and protect your company or your clients' companies.

Who should attend:

  • Corporate secretaries and governance professionals
  • Law firm attorneys and paralegals
  • In-house counsel and paralegals

Expect to learn about:

  • An overview of compliance obligations for corporations and LLCs imposed by statutes, rules, regulations, and internal documents
  • The consequences for non-compliance
  • How key individuals including directors, officers, shareholders, members, and managers impact governance
  • Lessons from case law on the failure to comply
  • New challenges for governing officials