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Webinar: Alternative Entities - Navigating New Choices for Business Formations

Tuesday, July 11 - Tuesday, July 11, 2017
Internet-based Webinar

Selecting a new business entity type used to be straightforward — the corporation or the LLC.

However, in today’s fast-changing business market states are authorizing new statutory entity types to meet specific needs of business owners. That’s great, because the more choices available, the better your chances of finding a good fit for business owners’ and investors’ needs. But now you have more entity types to consider. How do you choose?

In this one-hour in-depth seminar, you’ll get acquainted with new entity types that are gaining in popularity and ascertain the key considerations when researching what entity type is best for your organization or client.

Who should attend:

  • Corporate counsel and paralegals
  • Law firm associates and paralegals

Attendees will learn:

  • What new entities are now available
  • How they are different from and similar to traditional entities such as the corporation or LLC
  • Where they can be formed
  • How they are formed, maintained and terminated