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CLE Webinar: Ethics in Evolving Compliance Requirements

2020 CLE Webinar Series
Tuesday, May 5 - Tuesday, May 5, 2020
Internet-based Webinar

1:00PM - 2:00PM Eastern Time


The constantly shifting landscape of laws aimed to prevent money laundering, terrorism and tax evasion creates numerous landmines for legal professionals. Violations can result in substantial fines and possibly cost uninformed attorneys their license.

Learn the laws and governing agencies to watch, and the conflicts that can arise between statutory formation requirements and ethics guidelines. This seminar covers the current lay of the land and discuss the potential impact of legislation now pending.

  • The laws that impose penalties for doing business with certain risk groups, including:
    • Office of Foreign Assets Control
      • Specially Designated Nationals list
    • Bank Secrecy Act
      • Suspicions Activity Reports
    • Details on risk-based guidance from the ABA Gatekeeper initiative
    • How current and pending legislation can impact attorney-client privilege, including:
      • Bank Secrecy Act Amendments
      • Incorporation Transparency and Law Enforcement Assistance Act and Treasury Department/Obama Administration alternative legislation
      • ULC Uniform Law Enforcement Access to Entity Information Act
    • Ethical considerations of potential anti-money laundering requirements for lawyers
    • Recommendations for client due diligence and risk assessment to prevent potential ethical dilemmas

Your Expert Guide

Garth Jacobson, Esq.
Garth B. Jacobson serves as a Senior Government Relations Attorney for CT Corporation. Prior to this position, he worked at Preston Gates and Ellis LLP. Previously, he held the position of Chief Legal Counsel to the Montana Secretary of State. Garth has many years’ experience with legal education, as a presenter, organizer or moderator of numerous continuing legal education (CLE) programs. He conducted programs on a variety of topics, including: tax law, corporations, LLCs, UCC, service of process, and legal ethics. He is a member of the bar in Washington and Montana.