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Dissolving Your Business

When the time has come to end your business, there are important steps to take to properly dissolve your business, including filing the proper paperwork, notifying creditors, settling claims, and more. Our Resource Center provides the latest news and updates on corporate dissolution and withdrawal.


The Benefits of Formal Withdrawal When a Business is Leaving a State

Learn about formal business withdrawal when deciding to stop doing business in a state in which you are qualified, including tax clearance, service of process, and more.

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State Legislative Updates

Indiana Amends its Business Entity Reinstatement Law

Learn about how the state of Indiana adopted the Uniform Business Organizations Act (UBOA)-(Senate Enrolled Act 443, as amended by Senate Enrolled Act 180) & how it represents a significant change to many of the provisions governing Indiana’s domestic & foreign corporations, LLCs, & other business entities.

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The Administrative Dissolution and Reinstatement of Business Entities

Administrative dissolution is the loss of rights, powers, and authority of a corporation, LLC or other business entity. Learn how to avoid this process today.

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Three Steps Necessary to Properly Terminate a Corporation (Infographic)

The decision to close your corporation shouldn’t be taken lightly. Our infographic details a step-by-step process for closing your corporation the right way.

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Webinar: The Corporation vs. The LLC

Tuesday, March 5
Internet-based Webinar
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Three Steps Necessary to Properly Terminate an LLC (Infographic)

There are myriad reasons for voluntarily dissolving an LLC. But regardless of the reason, there’s more to it than just putting up a “Closed” sign. Without proper termination, your LLC could be liable for taxes and annual reports, lawsuits, and identity fraud issues. Our infographic explains the steps involved in properly terminating an LLC.

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