Case Law Summaries

Alaska – Contractor’s Licensing Requirement

Daggett v. Feeney, Nos. S-15799/15819, No. 7179 (Alaska 6/16/17).  A dispute arose between a property owner and an unlicensed contractor hired to install a wind turbine on the property.   The Alaska Supreme Court affirmed the lower court’s rulings that (1) the contractor was required to obtain a license from the state of Alaska to install wind turbines, (2) the property owner was entitled to rescind the contract because the contractor misrepresented that it was licensed, (3) the contractor could not maintain its counterclaim for breach of contract because Alaska law provides that a contractor may not bring an action in a state court for breach of contract without proving it had the required license at the time of entering into the contract, and (4) the individual owners of the contracting company could be held personally liable as the agents of an undisclosed principal.


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