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C Corporation

A C Corporation is a legal entity structure that brings your business greater credibility and growth potential. C Corporations are ideal for attracting venture capital and other types of equity financing. Our Resource Center offers the latest news and developments on C corporations.


C Corporations Advantages & Disadvantages. What Can They Offer For Your Business?

Discover the advantages & disadvantages of C Corporations, including separation between ownership and management, no restrictions on holding shares, and more.

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An Advantage to Incorporating in Delaware is Ratifying Defective Acts

Delaware General Corporation Law (GCL) provisions allow a corporation to validate corporate acts that would otherwise be invalid due to a failure to comply with a provision of the GCL or a governing corporate document. Recently, the Delaware Chancery Court published an opinion giving us some much anticipated guidance on the new provisions.

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A corporation's bylaws contain basic rules for its business and affairs. Find out what bylaws do for your business.

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CLE Webinar: Mergers – A Primer

Tuesday, January 7
Internet-based Webinar
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Corporate Finance: A Primer

Selling ownership interests or borrowing money are the primary ways a corporation funds its expansion and growth. Learn more about the two types of funding.

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