Webinar Reference Book: Alternative Entities - Navigating New Choices for Business Formations

Webinar Reference Book: Alternative Entities

One of the most important decisions an entrepreneur will make is choosing a business entity type. Gone are the days where one could simply pick between the Corporation and the LLC. Now, we have more entity choices than ever before. How do you decide? 

Among the options to consider are the common law selections, like sole proprietorship and general partnership, and traditional statutory entities like for-profit or nonprofit corporations, LLCs, and limited partnership. 

Certainly, having a variety of options allows for more targeted incorporation – meeting most of your business and owners’ needs. However, the decision process is much more complicated. In order to make the best choice possible, you must first be aware of the different entity types available, then know what states allow them, be familiar with the statutes authorizing and governing them, and keep up with inevitable statutory changes.

This webinar reference book addresses all of these important factors. It will review the statutory business entity types other than the traditional, more commonly known, choices. You will hear about the Series LLC, for instance – what it is, how it differs from other business entities, and how it can be used (like in ownership of multiple business ventures). This guide also dives into benefit corps, low-profit limited liability companies (L3C), unincorporated nonprofit association, limited cooperative association, and other alternative entities. 

Keep this reference guide on-hand, as it may be one of your most useful tools in navigating the many entity types available. 

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