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CT offers a wide variety of resources on compliance topics that can help law firms better advise their clients and grow their practice.

This page gathers some of the most useful resources to provide convenient access to handbooks, charts, white papers, and interactive tools.

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The LLC Handbook

CT Corporation's LLC handbook provides a handy overview of LLC structure and operation for both business owners and legal professionals. Topics include managementTopics include a summary of the forms of business organization and the characteristics of a limited liability company. It also covers the role of members and the options for management structures. Tax and state information reporting requirements are also discussed.

The Corporation Handbook

This Handbook gives an overview of corporation-related topics, plus explanations of terms and concepts commonly used in the corporate area. It covers the major types of corporations and examines the overall corporate structure, how corporations maintain good standing with state offices, how corporations are taxed, and how they raise capital. There is also a glossary of corporate terms for handy reference. Written for both business owners and legal professionals, you can share this information with your clients to enhance your relationship with them and aid them in operating their business.

Quick Reference Charts

Assumed Name Filings: All-States Chart

Whenever a business uses a name other than the legal name, a state may require an assumed name filing or DBA (doing-business-as) filing. This state-by-state chart by CT’s business experts provides as overview of assumed name filings, along with expiration information, for each state and the District of Columbia. 

CT Smart Chart: What Business Structure Is Best For Your Company?

This handy chart compares seven of the most common business structures, including Corporations, LLCs, S Corporations, and Limited Partnerships, on key factors, including formation, taxation, and compliance requirements.  Not only does the chart provide the legal professional with a quick summary, it can be used to help client's understand their options when selecting a business structure.

Guidelines for Record Retention: CT Smart Chart

This one-page chart, based primarily on AICPA recommendations, provides guidance on how you long you must, or should, retain documents related to various types of activities, such as taxes and employment records.

LLC vs. Corporation: Comparing Nontax Differences

CT Corporation's compliance experts prepared this chart to summarize nontax differences between an LLC and a corporation in 10 key areas, including recordkeeping requirements and management structures.

Entity Compliance by Business Life Cycle: Chart

This one-page chart by our experts gives a snapshot of common events when a business starts, runs, grows, and even closes. Use it to check in with your clients and discuss how they are meeting their compliance obligations today.

Naming Requirements for Corporations and LLCs: All-States Chart

This all-states chart by CT Corporation's business experts summarizes the many variations among the 50 states and D.C. in the legal business name selection and protection process for LLCs and corporations—including name reservation time frames, name transferability guidelines, and the required (or prohibited) words in the name of a corporation or LLC. With this practical overview, you’ll have a useful, quick-reference summary of how name reservation, renewal, and transferability laws differ by state.

White Papers

Review the Potential Problems of Not Appointing a Dedicated Registered Agent: White Paper

The white paper, prepared by CT's legal experts, highlights potential issues that can arise when your client does not appoint a professional, third-party registered agent. The paper also includes six valuable - and recent - cases illustrating these risks.

LLC vs. Corporation? Ten Differences to Consider (Other than Taxation)

Nontax differences between the LLC and the corporation can affect many aspects of your client's business. This white paper explores 10 of the most significant differences, including control of the business and its affairs; sales of interests; bylaws vs. operating agreements; and, rights of judgment creditors.

What Specific 'Doing Business' Activities Affect Your Business as a Foreign Corporation?

This White Paper by CT’s compliance experts discusses what is considered “doing business” and summarizes prior court decisions regarding selected types of activities. It provides a solid introduction to this complex and intricate area of corporate entity law.

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