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Streamlining the Wage Garnishment Process with Payroll Vendor Integration

As outlined in articles one and two, a Registered Agent’s ability to electronically, or by an automated system, deliver services of process directly to payroll systems can be of significant value to a corporation. Figure 2 below shows how an integrated system benefits the corporation. Without an integrated system, the Registered Agent receives garnishment orders and forwards them to the corporation, where staff and resources (dedicated to processing served orders) route them to the appropriate payroll vendor. With a partnership and integrated system between the Registered Agent and the corporation’s payroll vendor, the agent directly (with authorization) forwards garnishment orders to the payroll vendor. This also removes the necessity for the corporation to manually acknowledge each served document, upon receipt.

Consolidating systems with a payroll vendor provides several benefits to the customer corporation, including:

  • Time and costs savings associated with wage garnishment order handling
  • Faster garnishment processing resulting in reduced risk of non-compliance
  • Centralized and streamlined wage garnishment management.

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