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LLC Formation in Vermont

While there are many similarities in LLC (Limited Liability Company) rules among the states, each state has its own requirements—and Vermont is no exception. Learning the rules will have you as you begin the formation process.

Naming your VT LLC

The LLC's name must end with one of the following: Limited Liability Company, Limited Company, Ltd. Co. LC, LLC, or L.L.C. (Additional requirements apply to Professional and Low-Profit LLCs.) An LLC name must not contain "Cooperative or Coop. The name may not contain language stating or implying the LLC is organized for purposes other than those permitted by state law. It must be distinguishable from, and not the same as, deceptively similar to, or likely to be confused with or mistaken for any other entity name in use, registered or reserved.

Member/Manager information

The following are Vermont’s requirements for the members and managers of LLCs:

  • Minimum number. A Vermont LLC must have at least one member.
  • Residence requirements. Vermont does not have a provision specifying where members and managers must reside.
  • Age requirements. Vermont does not have age requirements for members or managers.
  • Inclusion in the Articles of Organization. Member/Manager names and addresses are not required to be listed in the Articles of Organization, but they can be listed if the organizer so desires.

Requirements for the Articles of Organization

You form a Vermont LLC by filing Articles of Organization and paying the required fee. The following information is required on the Articles of Organization:

  • Name, street address, and mailing address of the LLC—whether or not this address is in Vermont
  • The type of LLC (regular, Professional, Low-Profit
  • The LLC’s fiscal year
  • Description of the business (Vermont prefers that you use an NAICS code, but will except a brief statement.)
  • Registered Agent information (See below)
  • Whether the LLC has members at the time the Articles are filed
  • Optional: Whether the LLC will be member-managed or manager-managed
  • Optional: The names/addresses of the initial members or managers
  • Required: Name, address, and signature of the LLC’s organizer. (If there is more than one organizer all the names and addresses must be provided and all must sign.)

Registered Agent

Each LLC must appoint, and continuously maintain, a Registered Agent in Vermont. The Registered Agent’s name, street address, mailing address and email address must be listed in the Articles. The street address must be the physical location at where the Registered Agent is normally found during regular business hours. A post office box is not acceptable.

Professional services businesses

Vermont allows professionals, such as accountants, attorneys, and physicians, to form a professional limited liability company (PLLC). Additional requirements are imposed on members of a PLLC.

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