Incorporating in Wyoming

Every state has its own rules regarding incorporation. Here is some information you'll need to know if you are incorporating a business in Wyoming.

Naming Your Wyoming Corporation

Wyoming is unusual in that a Wyoming corporation is not required to include a corporate identifier—such as, Incorporated, Inc. or Company—in its legal name. However, Wyoming broadens the rule that the name chosen can not be the same or similar as other other corporation incorporated or registered in that state.

Wyoming's rules state the corporation's name must be different from every other nonprofit corporation, trade name, trademark or service mark registered in this state, limited liability company, statutory trust company, limited partnership or other business entity registered with the state. Wyoming has these additional rules regarding names:

  • The name cannot imply that the corporation has a different purpose than the one stated in its Articles of Incorporation.
  • There are restrictions placed on the use of the word "Trust."
  • The Department of Education must approve the use of the words "Academy," "Education," "University" and "School" requires approval by the Department of Education.

Wyoming's Requirements Related to Directors

Every Wyoming corporation must have one or more directors, but the directors do not have to be residents of Wyoming. Nor does Wyoming impose any age requirements as a qualification to be a director. The Artilces of Incorporation must state the names and addresses of the initial directors. (The names and addresses of officers are not required to be listed in the Articles of Incorporation.)

Articles of Incorporation Create a Wyoming Corporation

A Wyoming corporation is formed with the state issues Articles of Incorporation. In addition to listing the corporate name and the names/addresses of the directors, Wyoming requires the following information be provided in the Articles of Incorporation:

  • Number of authorized shares and par value must be listed. However, the initial filing fee is not affected by an inncrease in the number of shares or par value.
  • Name and address of a registered agent must be provided. The registered agent must have a physical address (not a post office box) in Wyoming and must be available during normal business hours year-round.

Professionals Can Incorporate in Wyoming

Wyoming allows professionals, such as accountants, attorneys and physicians, to form a professional corporation (PC).

Cost of Incorporating in Wyoming

If you would like information on the fees Wyoming charges to incorporate a business, CT would be happy to answer this and any other questions you have about how to form a Wyoming corporation.

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