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Foreign Qualification Documents Required for For-Profit Corporations

To do business in any state other than its incorporation state, a corporation must register to do business in that state. This process is often referred to as foreign qualification. To foreign qualify, a corporation must file a form generally known as an Application for Certificate of Authority. In most states, this application must be accompanied by documents that confirm that the corporation validly exists in its home state. To be valid, these supporting documents generally must be obtained within a certain period of time prior to filing for foreign qualification.

CT Corporation has prepared a map that provides a high-level overview of these requirements, both the type of proof needed and the timeframe within which the documents must be obtained. 

Bear in mind that this map addresses only proof of existence documentation. Many states require additional supporting documents, such as an acceptance of appointment by the registered agent, a certificate of name registration, proof of publication, or disclosure regarding the activities/history of the corporation’s principals. States may also impose post-qualification requirements, such as an initial report. 

CT Tip. To see a map of the supporting documents required in the foreign qualification process for an LLC, click here.

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