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Business Records Management: Recordkeeping for Corporations and LLCs

Corporations and LLCs have special record retention requirements, which is part of their ongoing compliance. Nearly every state requires corporations and LLCs to keep entity-related records – like organizational and ownership documents, capital contribution documents, records of actions taken, and more. 

These requirements vary from state to state. Usually, each type of business has to keep certain records and make them available for inspection (e.g., viewing or copying) by interested persons. 

This White Paper, brought to you by CT’s business experts, will help you with your record retention program and help keep your LLC or corporation in full compliance. Equipped with these guidelines and summary, you’ll have a better handle on the types of records a corporation or LLC may need to keep, who may be able to view or photocopy your records, and how to document your compliance. 

Topics Included

  • State-Imposed Recordkeeping Requirements 
  • LLC Recordkeeping Requirements
  • Categories of Records To Be Kept
  • Inspection of Records 
  • Documentation of Inspection Requests

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