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Annual Requirements

Every for-profit and non-profit business is responsible for meeting annual filing and reporting requirements. Our Resource Center features the latest news and updates on annual requirements for businesses of all sizes.



Delaware Corporations Have an Annual Franchise Report and Tax Requirement

Learn about this requirement for all corporations in Delaware, including maintaining your Good Standing, who has to file and pay, how much a corporation needs to pay, all about the Annual Franchise Tax Report & more.

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Take the Guesswork Out of Annual Report Compliance

Explore our annual report managed services infographic to learn how to maintain compliance for your state's annual report requirements, maintain your good standing status, how to save time, avoid late fees, & more.

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Corporation Compliance Smart Chart - Activities By Foreign Corporations That Do Not Constitute Doing Business

Learn about whether or not a corporation needs to foreign qualify depending upon the type of business activity it is performing and a particular state's laws. Use our Corporation Compliance Smart Chart, including the statutory lists of activities that do not constitute doing business for each state.

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CLE Webinar: Business Compliance and Governance Essentials

Tuesday, October 6
Internet-based Webinar
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Do I Have to Publish an Annual Statement in Nevada?

Learn about the Nevada annual statement for foreign corporations, which is a statutory requirement, including what to include, its due date, is it necessary for LLCs, & more.

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