Reputational Due Diligence

What you don’t know can hurt your deal. Skilled reputation searches can protect your business from potentially damaging information in the media.


  • Results delivered in a timely and accurate way to enable timely close of transaction
  • Experienced team searches beyond common sources tracked by government agencies
  • Streamlined processing and billing keeps administration to a minimum

Straight to the point

  • Expert review of 11,000+ media and news sources
  • Added insight from negative sentiment analysis and filtering
  • Search results presented in convenient Intellichart™ format

What's Driving Increased Reputational Due Diligence Needs?


The ever-multiplying ways in which information is disseminated increases the complexity and scope of a reputational search.


It’s the ultimate needle in a haystack. Vast quantities of information must be searched to find one relevant mention that can change the course of a deal.


Deal timelines continue to shrink, but risks of a bad deal don’t. The sooner you identify a potential issue, the more likely it can be mitigated without impacting closing.


How can I be sure CT's services will work for my company?

Our solutions are designed to adapt to how you work. Our teams have the deal experience to handle every stage from target evaluation to the high-pressure final moments prior to closing. Learn more about our Due Diligence Services.

Why is reputational due diligence important?

With thousands of press outlets to review, it’s all too easy for clients to be unaware of red flags or negative information that could affect the target acquisition’s reputation and be financially impactful.

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