Representation Services

No matter where you do business in the world, you need a partner you can trust to keep you protected. We have the tools and services you need to make sure your entities are always compliant.


  • Save time, minimize risk, and avoid default judgments
  • Eliminate internal bottlenecks and increase productivity
  • Make your life easier with a seamless, consistent workflow

Representation services that help you

  • Integrate representation services with your business’s workflows
  • Stay protected across all entities and jurisdictions, domestic or international
  • Get support from a network of 4,300 correspondents and industry-leading technology
  • Handle everyday management of compliance, due diligence, and service of process
  • Keep updated on the status of your entities in multiple jurisdictions

What's Driving the Increased Complexity for Representation?

Constant changes

Regulations are constantly in flux, making it easy for things to fall through the cracks.

Need for coordination

Managing multiple entities, jurisdictions and geographies requires streamlined internal processes to keep in compliance.

Costly penalties

The cost of non-compliance is becoming increasingly severe, including harsh fines and business closure.


How can I be sure I stay in compliance if I do business in multiple jurisdictions?

We can tailor representation solutions to cover all your entities and jurisdictions, domestic or international. With a network of correspondents across every U.S. jurisdiction and 160 countries worldwide, we’re more than equipped to handle all your representation situations. Our industry-leading technology consolidates all of your businesses’ compliance efforts into a single web-based workspace, so it’s easy for you to keep tabs of everything that’s going on—everywhere it’s happening.

Why do I need a registered agent?

Every formal entity is required to designate a registered agent to receive service of process on behalf of the business. It’s important to choose wisely, since your registered agent is your company’s front line partner in entity compliance.

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