Wyoming Registered Agent Services

Businesses formed or registered in Wyoming must have an in-state Registered Agent. You can rely on CT’s experienced professionals to handle vital state and legal documents properly.


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Why Appoint a Professional Registered Agent?

Appointing a third-party professional Registered Agent in Wyoming is the wisest choice if:

  • You do business in any state other than your formation state
  • You don’t have a single, fixed office that is always staffed during normal business hours
  • Your personal or business address is likely to change
  • You don’t want your street address to be readily available to the everyone
  • You don’t want customers or clients present when documents are served on your business
  • You don’t have the time or the inclination to train staff members on how to recognize and handle legal documents

Why Chose CT as Your Registered Agent?

  • Service.  We provide dedicated, superior customer service. During business hours you can call us whenever you want, as much as you like, and with whatever questions you have. We are there when you need us.
  • Security – We securely and speedily deliver all legal documents and state notices to your designated contacts, in hard copy or digitally - whichever you prefer. We also safeguard your identity by having our contact information listed on the state records.
  • Compliance – We can help ensure your company stays compliant and in good standing by alerting you to annual report filing and business license renewal deadlines. Plus, we have a team of people monitoring new federal and state laws or rules that might impact your business.

How To Keep Your Business In Compliance

Wyoming Registered Agent FAQs

Does CT have a Registered Agent office in Wyoming?

Yes. CT has an office in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. You’re always guaranteed reliable service from experienced in-state professionals. You’ll find us at: C T Corporation System 1712 Pioneer Avenue - Suite 120 Cheyenne, WY 82001

How do I change my Registered Agent to CT?

We make it easy for you to change your Registered Agent over to CT. Our representation experts will obtain and file all the requisite forms and skillfully manage the process from start to finish. Plus, we’ll pay all of the Change of Agent filing fees imposed by the state.

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