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Pennsylvania Registered Agent Services

If you start or expand your business in Pennsylvania, you’re required to designate a Pennsylvania Registered Agent and a Registered Office in Pennsylvania to receive service of process and important correspondence from the state on behalf of your company.

CT provides registered agent services for a wide range of businesses in the State of Pennsylvania. State laws require companies to designate registered agents who can receive Service of Process for the company - this is the procedure the government uses to serve companies with official notices or documents, for example, a summons or a lawsuit. The registered agent is responsible for receiving service of process and forwarding the correspondence to the company the agent represents.

Companies may hire professional third party providers such as CT to handle their service of process duties. This allows busy managers to focus on their business while a trusted designee takes care of the paperwork with the state to help the company maintain full regulatory compliance. CT also offers registered office services, which is also a commercial requirement of every U.S. state. A registered office is a location chosen by the company where service of process is to be delivered. This address may be, but does not need to be, the same as the company’s regular office where its daily business operations take place.

CT Corporation simplifies compliance with Pennsylvania’s Registered Agent rules by providing reliable service of process handling in our Harrisburg, PA office:

C T Corporation System 
116 Pine Street
Suite 320
Harrisburg, PA  17101
Phone: 717-234-6004

With CT Corporation as your Registered Agent in Pennsylvania, experts who keep current on developments that affect your business and access to knowledgeable support will help you stay informed and maintain your good standing in the state.

Change your Registered Agent to CT. If you currently have a Pennsylvania Registered Agent and wish to switch to CT, we’ll make the transition smooth. Contact us to make the change.


Applications and instructions necessary to meet your licensing requirements.

Starting at $169.00
* Plus State fees

Your LLC or corporation needs a registered agent in its home state and in every state where it is registered to do business,

Starting at $289.00
* Plus State fees

CT can check state records to verify whether the name you want is available for use, before you submit formation paperwork.

Starting at $74.00
* Plus State fees

Reserve your business name so it'll be available when needed.

Starting at $199.00
* Plus State fees


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